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The holidays are upon us! Maybe you braved Black Friday and the crowds shopping through the weekend. Or you sat in the confines of your home or office and found some amazing gifts on Cyber Monday. Congratulations on getting all of that shopping out of the way! There might be a few more gifts you need to get. You might just be receiving the lists from your children and planning to head to the internet or the stores in the near future. We know that finding the right gift, a special little surprise they did not ask for but you know they will love, is one of the harder things to do. We have been doing some shopping on our own, and have found a few gifts we think would be perfect for the student in your home.

Academy K-3

Marble Run – This engineering game gives younger children the opportunity to easily create an exciting track to move a marble! The parts are colorful, and slide and snap together with little effort from young learners. It gives them a chance to play with physics and engineering while having a stellar time being educated. MindWare also has expansion packs to encourage more discovery.

GoldieBlox – Looking at any list of great toys for science-minded young women, you will find GoldieBlox. The Spinning Machine was named one of the Toys of the Year, and all their toys encourage problem solving and mathematical thinking. You can build out the series over the year for your children!

Bedtime Math – For most people, the mention of story problems is a dreadful event. For children and parents reading this book, math becomes a part of an exciting story. It focuses on basic mathematical concepts for children, using fun stories and vivid illustrations to keep everyone engaged.

Academy 4-8

Quirkle Game

It LOOKS easy enough…

MaKey MaKey – Touch screens are everywhere, and they are only getting more popular. You know what is less popular? Touch bananas. Touch paper for games. Touch anything! MaKey MaKey combines the power of the internet with a simple technology that turns anything in house to a control device. Add another inventive dimension to interacting with the web.

Artist Surplus Art Jar –The artist in the family can never have too many art supplies. This jug is filled with art and craft supplies to help fuel you child’s imagination. When the jug is empty, you can refill it with their own selection of favored supplies to keep the creativity flowing.

Quirkle – This winner of a Parent’s Choice Award seems simple enough. There are six shapes in one of six colors. Place tiles that match either the color or shape a tile next to each other, trying to clear out you hand and earn the most points. The simplicity of the game, and complexity of creating a winning strategy, will keep the whole family engaged.

Academy 9-12

The Hobbit Monopoly – The final part of The Hobbit Trilogy will be out December 17th! We know your child has read the books, watched the first two movies, and maybe the classic cartoon, but have they owned Rivendell?

College apparel – It may be difficult to think about, but soon your children are headed for college. Getting them some clothing from their school of choice is a great way to get them ready for it. If they are staying local, Sinclair Community College,  Shawnee State College and Wright State University all offer online shops.


Smartphone Science

Turning smartphones into geniusphones with just a few experiments.

Smartphone Science Lab – Every teen has a smart phone. This science kit offers a variety of experiments you can perform with that smartphone without having to download anything. It comes with a variety of equipment to help these experiments, as well as a carrying case to keep it all together and a book of experiments.

There are other interesting toys to help promote children’s learning, from an LED menorah to help celebrate Hanukkah to any LEGO set you can imagine (including one that you can build a robot controlled by a cell phone). Gifts that are not only fun, but promote fun ways to keep learning while they are out of school. If you are looking for other gifts in a similar vein, websites like ThinkGeek, Edmund Scientifics, and this list from Modern Parents Messy Kids will help. If you have any suggestions you want to add to this list, we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Good luck with the rest of your holiday shopping!


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