student-handupOur Academies, a K-8 School

Our academies are more than just the way we organize our students. Each academy has its own identity, designed to build up student skills that are relevant to their developmental level. They allow students of similar ages to interact with others in their own age group, as well as give students the flexibility they need for the day. Each academy interacts with the other academies. Older students tutor and help the younger students, creating a strong sense of community. Throughout our academies you will see a strong focus on successful concepts such as 21st century skills, common core and STEM + Art = STEAM.  Additionally after school activities are offered for students to participate in, from sports to the arts.

K-4 Academy

The journey to graduation is a long one; this is where it begins. Our K-4 Academy classes pave the way for your child to experience our interactive teaching methods early. We introduce them early to computers, laying a foundation for their future in a technology-driven world. They also will have the opportunity to discover art, get up and get moving through physical education, and become immersed in a safe and personalized learning environment.

5-8 Academy

Their learning continues in the 5-8 Academy with the same attention and development of each individual student, but the focus starts to shift to the future. Students’ aptitudes are measured as they start to move towards very important decisions that will affect their life path. They learn a greater sense of community by helping the younger students with their work and also enjoy the benefits of having older students tutor them.

Your child will be given the individual attention you would expect in an environment where the student to teacher ratio is 1 to 18. The small size of the classes and school create a community where all the students and teachers know each other. We have seen this encourage our students to attend class more frequently and seek help from others. Their desire to attend school and grow helps our staff maintain our high standards.